Like a lot of creatives, the Covid-19 Lockdowns and mandated restrictions have had a significant negative effect on my business. It’s been especially difficult for those who regularly work in the live event space. Not only does it directly affect the producers, artists and performers, it has a knock down affect for all of the support crew, lighting and sound techs and of course photographers and videographers covering the events. 

This current lockdown in South East Queensland just happened to coincide with what is normally one of my busiest weeks and while, hopefully, all the work that has been lost this time will eventually be rescheduled, it has has been a major blow to my cash flow. 

This has prompted me to dust off some of my old exhibition prints from 2013 and offer them for sale at some very special prices until the end of August. There is a mixture of prints that were exhibited in my Naked In Baja and Developed in Darkness exhibitions as well as some artist proof prints which were either alternative images in consideration for display or backup prints in case something happened to the actual exhibition prints during matting and framing. 

All the prints are 11×17″ in size with the exhibition prints being limited edition – either one of five for the Naked In Baja exhibition or one of ten for the Developed in Darkness exhibition. These prints are all signed and matted so they are ready for framing. The Artist Proof prints are signed and marked AP (artist proof) but are not matted. 

Along with the prints, I also have a number of high quality postcard sets from the Naked In Baja exhibition. These postcard sets feature ten images that were in consideration for inclusion in the exhibition but they didn’t quite make the cut. There are only 21 postcard sets available and no more will ever be printed. 

*Please note that only the postcards will be available for posting, the prints will need to be collected from Woolloongabba, after lockdown is over, so are only suitable for South East Queensland locals to purchase. 
**Listed prices are exclusive of GST. 

Lockdown Print Sale

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