Happy Nude Year! – Top Nine

Well 2020 has been and gone and I think most of us are happy to see it behind us. To say 2020 was a challenging year to live through would be an understatement for just about all of us and in the early stages of 2021 things aren’t looking all that positive either. 

For me personally, 2020 was a very mixed bag. The first half was definitely a challenge professionally but I managed to get through it and the second half was quite positive and I was actually very busy work wise for quite a few months leading up to Christmas. 

Just having a look through my Lightroom catalogue however, I can see just how much my personal work was affected. Having taken only around 40% of the number of images I took in 2019 is a clear indication that I spent much less time behind the camera this year. Something I really hope changes in 2021. 

As a lot of us Instagram users do at this time of year, I just posted my Top Nine posts for the year. These were made up of a few images from 2020, a couple from 2019, one from 2018 and even a couple from back in 2015. I posted a lot less to Instagram this year as well. I guess I lost a lot of enthusiasm and desire to post as I was also feeling a lack of creativity from not shooting as much. 

So above is my Top Nine posts but I decided to share with you nine alternative images from each of those shoots in the gallery below. Models featured are as follows (left to right, top to bottom) Lorna LG, Valerie Margot, Jacqueline Fury, Lorelei Jones, Opal Zebic, Nicole Melrose, Bailey Bliss, Sylph Sia and Annaliese McGuire. 

Thank you all for your support throughout the year and I hope I can continue sharing my work with you in 2021. 

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