Lingerie Shoot with Penny Vyne

This is the first part of a studio shoot I did with Penny Vyne back in 2018 using two Elinchrom ELC 500 Studio Flash Heads. This is a clean and simple two light setup using one ELC head with the Elinchrom 190cm Litmotiv Indirect Octa as the main light and a second ELC 500 with an Elinchrom 50 x 130cm strip softbox and grid, boomed over Penny as a hairlight / backlight.

This lighting setup is a little more commercial than what I normally do for this style of lingerie / art nude shoot which is typically more low key with lots more shadows. In this case the big Octa lights up Penny fairly evenly with minimal shadows which helps show the detail in the lingerie. 

The second half of this shoot with Penny, posing for some artistic nude images using the same lighting setup, can be found in the Members BTS Video section. 

Fuji X-H1 with Fuji XF56mm f1.2R 

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